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Your Own Home is the Waiting Room with House Call Medicine

Comfort is important. Thanks to the Internet age, the average American can enjoy a vast number of products and services in the comfort of their own home. Medical care might not seem like it would be one of them, but House Call Medicine is actually an increasingly popular service, and, thanks to our own Dr. Michael Farzam, a patient can enjoy outstanding 24/7 urgent care by Van Nuys, or any Great Los Angeles location from the comfort of their own home.

House call medicine is becoming a service of choice for patients across the country for medical treatment, or – if you’re a San Fernando Valley resident – 24/7 urgent care by Tarzana for a very important reason: convenience. Rather than having to manage transportation to and from a medical facility, long uncomfortable wait times, and busy medical staff who may have difficulty providing individually focused care, a patient can receive excellent care without ever having to leave home.

Dr. Farzam is an experienced board certified physician and has the skill and expert knowledge to provide an accurate diagnosis and to perform treatment in the field. Because the patient is experiencing true one on one care, they can take comfort in the fact that Dr. Farzam is fully focused on their needs. To enjoy the advantage of world class care in the comfort of your own home and 24/7 urgent care by Sherman Oaks and beyond simply contact our team today for an incredible healthcare option that comes straight to you. Enjoy outstanding treatment on your own terms that makes your comfort a top priority.