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It may seem that the day of the house call has come and gone, but in fact there still are doctors who perform such services. There are many reasons why patients might prefer to receive urgent care 24 hours a day in the privacy and comfort of their own home or office. House call physicians can meet these diverse needs in ways that simply aren't possible when patients have to travel to the doctor's office in order to receive medical services.

Advantages of House Call Physicians

The most obvious advantage of having a doctor come to you is that it means you don't have to leave the house.  Illness and urgent care emergencies can leave some patients in too poor condition to drive safely, especially through stressful West Hollywood traffic jams. Some more urgent emergencies may render the patient incapable of driving at all.

Staying at home also means that you or your child can rest in bed instead of having to sit up in a doctor's waiting room. This too is more important than it may seem, as it means you'll avoid having to sit in cramped waiting room with various other patients - many of whom may be suffering from contagious illnesses. Having a physician come to your home means you will minimize exposure to other urgent care patients and potential diseases. Thats why a 24 hour mobile urgent care is valuable. 

Urgent Care house calls also offer an important alternative to Los Angeles emergency room. Parents are all too aware of the problems and expenses that can arise when a child falls ill or has an accident during a weekend. With the doctor's office and even the local clinic closed for business, there is frequently no alternative except the hospital emergency room. This not only involves expenses - some that insurance companies might even refuse to reimburse - but it usually also entails a long, uncomfortable wait. Delays of several hours are common in the emergency rooms of heavily populated areas like Hollywood or downtown Los Angeles.

Urgent care specialist Dr. Farzam is available on the weekends as well as weekdays. Weekend walk-in clinic care can be administered on your time table with more comfort and convenience than a walk in clinic has to offer. He is also available for evening and late night house calls or walk in patients from Pacific Palisades to Torrance.

Seeing a doctor in your own home guarantees your privacy. Discussing medical issues can involve disclosing highly personal information and Dr. Farzam is well equipped to handle clientele of any background suffering from any condition. Many people are far more comfortable discussing medical matters when in a familiar environment rather than the sterile atmosphere of a walk-in clinic.

Emergency Medical House Call

Some would say that it has been several decades since an in home doctors visit was the norm, but for urgent care specialist Dr. Farzam it’s just another day’s work. Treating clients from all over the West Los Angeles area, Dr. Farzam will visit his patients in their home for almost any medical emergency. Just like the old Doc-in-a-Box quick medical care that has transcended into walk in clinics, pharmacies, and big urgent care centers.

Urgent Care House Calls

Mobile doctors provide walk in medical care in the comfort of a person’s home, office, or even hotel room. Call the emergency medical care number, and a licensed, board certified doctor will be dispatched to your home or current location. The convenience of the walk-in urgent care 24 hours facility, especially when a loved one is experiencing a situation where it is difficult to get them out of the home, is well worth the cost of the care.

The physician will arrive at your home with the capacity to provide extensive care in emergency situations. He will be able to perform blood work, and many other services that you may expect at a clinic for urgent care in Los Angeles but wouldn’t expect to find in your own bedroom.

Benefits of Emergency Medical House Call

As the population ages, many seniors find it difficult to get to a walk in medical facility during times of emergencies. Family members can now feel comfortable getting immediate in home medical treatment for elderly loved ones without having to transport them from their Pacific Palisades home in an often stressful time.

The same is true for children. It is frightening for a sick child to have to sit in a busy West L.A. walk-in emergency waiting room. A qualified, licensed physician is now available to treat your child in the comfort of your own Marina Del Ray home. Peace of mind is priceless.

Urgent care for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on holidays is available from our highly regarded team. Long waits in sterile, sometimes frightening urgent care clinics are a think of the past. Dr. Farzam is not rushed and takes the time to fully explain the condition and necessary follow-up care required to the patient and family members. Call Dr. Farzam and enjoy the secure feeling of knowing competent, qualified medical care from our on call doctor is always available. Reach Dr. Farzam at 310-849-7991