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Urgent Care Without the Hassle

If you are in need of urgent care, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor LA is here to help get you the treatment you need without the hassle and stress of visiting a hospital emergency room or clinic. While we should always call 911 in a life-threatening emergency, Dr. Farzam can handle all of the same ailments and non-emergent injuries that might land a patient in an emergency room – without patients having to spend hours in a waiting room with others who may have contagious illnesses.

Modern advances in medicine have made many of the technologies and methods of the 20th century portable in the contemporary era, allowing Dr. Farzam the ability to conduct many of the same tests that hospitals administer. Patients can get blood work, ultrasounds, X-rays, and more as easily as they would from a hospital or urgent care clinic. Naturally, Dr. Farzam can write prescriptions for those who need them. In many cases, he is also able to actually provide the medication.

Those seeking urgent care in Los Angeles can expect the same level of expertise and care from Dr. Farzam as they would a hospital staff, only they can do so from the comfort of their home or virtually any place that allows for medical examination. Patients from out of town will be happy to know that Dr. Farzam can also meet them at a hotel, office, and even film sets so that they can receive treatment.

For more information on House Call Doctor LA and the services that Dr. Farzam offers, simply visit our contact page or call the number on your screen.