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Urgent Care Torrance

Doctors making house calls may seem like an old concept, but in fact, it still exists in the modern day and age. Board-certified internist, Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, provides the kind of urgent care Torrance residents and anyone who lives or visits in Greater Los Angeles. The kind of urgent care Torrance deserves isn't usually what patients find in the typical walk-in clinic, where there are long wait times and people only get about 15 minutes of the doctor's time. Why go to the busy clinic when Dr. Farzam can come to your home, hotel or worksite, usually within an hour or less, and he will spend as much time as is necessary tending to your condition? On average, Dr. Farzam spends about 45 minutes with every patient.

Urgent care in Torrance need not be a hassle. Whether you're suffering from a traumatic injury, acute illness or a flare up of a chronic condition, virtually any ailment that doesn't necessitate a 911 call can be treated by Dr. Farzam. What's more, the doctor carries common prescriptions in his medical bag, such as antibiotics or common painkillers, which means you'll be spared from the trip to the pharmacy when you feel unwell. The benefits of concierge medicine simply can't be overstated, as it often costs less than it would to go to a clinic, as well, and claims can be submitted to health insurance for reimbursement.

If you want urgent care in Torrance, look no further than House Call Doctor Los Angeles. For more information, call 310-849-7991 today or visit the website and fill out the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!