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Urgent Care Bel AirDr. Michael Farzam Bel Air

Doctors who make house calls aren't a relic of the past when you employ the services of Dr. Michael Farzam, a board-certified internist with decades of experience in primary care. Dr. Farzam is the CEO and Founder of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, a provider of primary care from Bel Air to Huntington Beach and beyond. If you are interested in the kind of Urgent Care Bel Air deserves, without the need to subject yourself to the contagions and germs of a packed waiting room, then you need look no further than the expert services of Dr. Farzam and his mobile physician services.

Urgent Care Bel Air residents want but never thought possible is what is offered by Dr. Farzam. After all, he became a concierge doctor simply because he wanted to spend more time with his patients and help them treat their traumatic, acute or chronic illnesses. Dr. Farzam can treat virtually any ailment or disorder that an urgent care health clinic in Bel Air would address, but all in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. Dr. Farzam can even set broken bones and apply casts, perform medical imaging or blood tests, dispense medication and much more.

If you're tired of settling for urgent care Bel Air that is overpriced and underwhelming in effectiveness, you deserve to explore the possibility of employing Dr. Farzam's services. If you're interested in what the best Urgent Care Bel Air has to offer can provide, please call today to learn more at 310-849-7991.