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The Urgent Care Northridge Residents Need for All Kinds of Reasons

Urgent care for Northridge people can be many things, because all kinds of people live in this area. After all, the many students of Cal State University Northridge have all the ills common to younger people who, contrary to their own common belief, are not invincible from illness. Moreover, they are definitely not invincible from minor injuries, mononucleosis, STDs, and the aftermath of major league partying. At the same time, Northridge also plays host to families and older folks, who all obviously have their own particular needs.

Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles has helped patients of all ages in Northridge, throughout the San Fernando Valley and all of the Los Angeles area. If you’re a college student who followed some hard study with too much hard alcohol consumptionand is feeling severely hung over or dehydrated, Dr. Farzam is a leader in providing portable hydration therapy, including the famed Myer’s Cocktail. It’s a treatment many people swear by for post-party problems, provided with a maximum of discretion and a minimum of attitude.

Older folks and families, on the other hand,need to take seriously so much matters as outbreaks of flu – a potentially very serious illness in many older and younger patients – and Dr. Farzam can provide all of the available treatments. That includes Tamiflu, which can shorten the duration of the illness if taken early in its course.

Finally, while house call medicine might seem like a deluxe sort of service, and it can be, it might well be less expensive than you think. Indeed, taking advantage of Dr. Farzam’s services is very often cheaper than a trip to the emergency room, depending on the patient’s insurance or lack thereof.

Whether you’re in acute need of urgent care in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, or the South Bay -- or want to look into deluxe concierge medicine that goes where you do – Dr. Farzam wants to hear from you. To get started, contact him today at the phone number above or through his contact page.