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The Return of House Call Medicine

Many years ago, house call medicine was a booming industry that accounted for the majority of medical care in the nation. People used to have fond memories of the friendly family doctor arriving on a person’s doorstep with all of his tools in his large leather bag. While that tradition once seemed like it was long gone, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles has been working over the last decade to prove how exceptional house call medicine can be. It’s important for anyone seeking 24/7 urgent care by Hermosa Beach to know that house call medicine with Dr. Farzam is an outstanding alternative than waiting in a congested waiting room for hours only to receive substandard care. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, you can wait for the doctor to arrive in the comfort of your own home, and know that the care you will receive is both personalized and of the highest quality.

One of the reasons why house call medicine with Dr. Farzam is able to match to quality of care that patients expect from hospitals is that modern technology has allowed medical equipment and patient information to become much more mobile. Not only can Dr. Farzam access patient records with digital technology, smaller, equally effective X-ray and ultrasound technology allows him to conduct these vital tests in the home of any patient that needs 24/7 urgent care by Culver City.

For anyone who needs 24/7 urgent care by Brentwood and is tired of the typical route of going and waiting in an impersonal urgent care facility, House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers a much better solution.