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The Mobile Doctor For The Immobile City

People in Los Angeles are used to being stuck in traffic, but that doesn’t mean they ever enjoy it. Even worse than being stuck in traffic, is being stuck in traffic and being urgently ill. Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, knows about this painful circumstance, which is why he offers in-home urgent care for Pacific Palisades residents. Dr. Farzam knows that residents of the Pacific Palisades are busy, and he prides himself on serving them in their homes.


In fact, Dr. Farzam knows that all of West L.A. is busy (as evidenced by rush-hour traffic at almost any time of day), which is why he also provides urgent care for Brentwood and the many neighborhoods surrounding it. Communities like Brentwood and the Palisades are known for having the best of the best in a lot of different arenas, which means Dr. Farzam fits right in.

After graduating from UCLA and doing his residency at Sedars Sinai, anybody can be confident that Dr. Farzam is a top-tier professional. Beyond the aforementioned areas, he’s also decided to expand urgent care to Calabasas because he knows they deserve the best treatment as well. In fact, it’s Dr. Farzam’s aim to spread his practice around the Greater Los Angeles area as much as possible. This will, of course, mean a lot more hours in the car for Dr. Farzam, but many less hours for his sick patients, who should neither be sick in traffic, or stuck in a waiting room for hours on end. Dr. Farzam knows it’s comfortable for patients to stay in their own homes, and one of the many other things Dr. Farzam knows after living in Southern California for over 30 years is that traffic is anything but comfortable.