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The Doctor House Call Comeback

A doctor house call might seem like a relic of the past but due to a few key factors, the practice has been making a comeback. This is especially relevant in a time where many feel hesitant to visit medical clinics for fear of putting their health at risk. In short, there has never been a greater need for house call doctors than today.

Board-certified physician Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is one of these doctors leading the way to better, more personalized, and more comfortable medical care.

House Call Doctors Are a Safe, Convenient Option for Medical Services

In the past, house call physicians were phased out in favor of the traditional doctors’ office that is widely used today. The reason for this was due to advances in medical technology that made the large medical machinery far too difficult to bring directly to patients’ homes. The solution at the time was to store all the equipment in a central location, such as a medical building or doctor’s office, and have patients see their doctors there.

As technology continued to advance, much like many of today’s pocket-sized gadgets, medical tools were miniaturized and became easy to carry from home to home. House call doctors are once again able to visit patients in the comfort of their homes, presenting a safe option for patients that may be feeling too unwell to travel in the first place.

When you need to see a doctor, a doctor on call that can see you in your home is also the most convenient option. Gone are the days of needing to drive to a medical facility and spending hours in a waiting room full of other (likely) sick individuals. Today, all it takes to receive the medical care you need is a phone call and Dr. Farzam will be at your doorstep.

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