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The Convenience and Comfort of a First-Rate Medical Doctor

For those seeking out a top notch concierge physician in Los Angeles, it’s understandable if you think the task is impossible to achieve. After all, warm, comforting house call medicine hasn’t been popularly utilized for decades, as more medical professionals seem focused on seeing as many patients as possible in an attempt to boost profits. However, at House Call Doctor Los Angeles, we’re committed to bringing a house, office and hotel doctor back to Los Angeles.

At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, our founding medical professional Michael Farzam, MD has been a terrific hotel physician for over a decade. Since completing his medical school training in 2001, he has become a board-certified expert in General Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine and an active member of the American College of Physicians. With such impressive accolades, Dr. Farzam understood he had an opportunity to create a practice that would create an unparalleled experience for each patient, and at House Call Doctor Los Angeles, he’s done precisely that.

There are a number of advantages to experiencing first-rate medicine in the comfort of your own home, and one of the main ones is avoiding the stress and health risks that come from sitting in a cramped waiting room full of patients who are suffering from a variety of maladies. Instead, when you contact Dr. Farzam’s team, you can wait at home, and usually within an hour, one of our first-rate medical experts will be at your door, ready to treat your symptoms.