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What does Tamiflu do? Does it actually cure the flu?

Not quite.Tamiflu (oseltamivir)is an antiviral drug that hampers the ability of the influenza virus to replicate. For people who have the flu, it will make the illness significantly less severe in most cases – but only when taken no more than 48 hours after the onset of the flu. Tamiflu can also be very useful for preventing the flu in people who are at risk of being exposed through family or others.

Who should take Tamiflu?

The FDA has approved Tamiflu for patients two weeks and older. It is considered safe for women who are pregnant and nursing mothers also.  While some side effects are possible, most of them are mild and are far outweighed by the risk of a flu. There are some rare significant side effects such as seizures, so children especially should be watched closely for any signs of problem.

How is Tamiflu taken?

It is taken by mouth in a capsule or liquid form as prescribed by a physician. Patients who are concerned about stomach upset may take the medication with food. It is important to complete the full dosage of Tamiflu.

If I take Tamiflu, do I still need a flu shot?

Yes! Vaccines provide immunity over a relatively long term, while Tamiflu only improves your resistance to a flu bug over a short time period.

How do I get Tamiflu if I’m starting to experience flu symptoms or if I’m worried about picking it up from people around me?

Tamiflu is available only by prescription. To find out if it’s right for you, see a doctor as quickly as possible.

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