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Stop Waiting For Urgent Care

One of the biggest inconveniences often cited by patients when getting sick is spending all that time in a waiting room. Being sick already drains a person’s energy. Their illness can make it harder to speak or move or even breathe. And the last thing they want to do is go and spend time (sometimes hours) waiting for a doctor to see them. House call doctors like Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles are aware of this gripe, and have made it their mission to eliminate the issue for as many Los Angeles residents as possible.

Dr. Farzam is happy to say that his practice covers urgent care in Culver City so those residents don’t have to deal with waiting rooms, and other sick patients. He’s also made sure that he’s covering as many residents as possible for urgent care in Agoura Hills because he knows they don’t want to have to slog through traffic, then wait to see a doctor in an inhospitable environment either.

He also offers his expertise and caring in-home services for residents in need of urgent care in the Pacific Palisades where many people can often times be too busy and sick to fight traffic and drive to a doctor on the other side of town. The bottom line: Dr. Farzam is an incredibly experienced and caring doctor. A highly respected product of UCLA’s medical school and Cedar Sinai Hospital, the doctos knows that one of the most critical aspects of urgent care is making sure patients don’t have to wait in uncomfortable hospitals.