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No More Sitting in the Waiting Room with House Call Doctor LA

Going to the doctor’s office is never a pleasant trip. It’s bad enough that you’re feeling sick, but then you have to sit in a gloomy waiting room filled with other infectious patients, and at times you could be stuck sitting longer than hour! You no longer have to go through this with House Call Doctor Los Angeles! Dr. Michael Farzam offers you the attention you deserve. Our concierge doctor in Los Angeles will visit you in the comfort of your own house, and he’s available 24 hours a day!

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a dream come true. When you have a high fever, allergic reaction or experiencing other symptoms which make it difficult for you to drive, you can relax and call Dr. Farzam. He will get to you in practically no time. Or, you can take advantage of his telemedicine in Los Angeles that he offers. This involves a healthcare experience with a board-certified internist physician who can treat you remotely by use of a video chat service.

Dr. Farzam wants to make it up to you for all of those times you traveled through excruciating traffic, and waited patiently to see your doctor about pains in your stomach, just to have him tell you to take two aspirin and a warm bath. He offers telephone medicine – so you can skip the headache and go directly to him and his prescription for relief. House Call Doctor Los Angeles understands your pain, and has found a better way to relieve it!