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Mobile Urgent Care: Why House Call Medicine is Truly Modern

At first blush, the idea of house call medicine in the 21st century might seem almost quaint.  However, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles wants you to know that mobile urgent care is an idea whose times has definitely come, and the care he and his outstanding team provides couldn’t be more up to date.

The fact of the matter is that house calls went out of fashion in the later part of the 20th century largely because of technological advances that required large machines, which could only be maintained in a clinical setting, to perform numerous important medical tests. However, with the high-tech revolution, providing truly comprehensive 24 hour mobile urgent care has become a highly practical option. Tests can now easily be performed remotely, so that house call patients can expect the same precision in care wherever they happen to be.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles has pioneered a 24 hour mobile doctor service that provides ultimate convenience and superb medical care. Dr. Farzam and his team are ready to come to patients wherever they are: at home, in the office, at a hotel, on a film set, or just about anywhere else. And he is quick to point out that convenience is just one benefit. House call medicine means patients can avoid crowded waiting rooms filled with people who may be carrying communicable illnesses; it also means that instead of stressing themselves by leaving the house, they can relax and begin to recuperate in peace while waiting for the doctor’s arrival. Also, a visit from a house call doctor is very often significantly less expensive than a trip to the emergency room.

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