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In-Home Doctor with Hustle

Los Angeles is one of the most populated and productive cities in the world. And that means the residents of Los Angeles are some of the most productive in the world. For many, that means work weeks that run upwards of 80 hours, and that’s on top of the precious time they have to spend with their families. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, who’s been a resident of Los Angeles for over 30 years, knows how hard it can be for busy individuals to get sick, and that’s why he wants to do everything in his power to help them. That means individuals all over the Greater Los Angeles area, including urgent care within Agoura Hills and 24/7 top-notch in-home care for its residents.

He’s opening his business to as many Greater Los Angeles area residents however, so he’s not stopping with Agoura Hills. He’s also made it his mission to provide some of the best urgent care within Calabasas and 24/7 high-quality for all its residents as well. He knows that there are lawyers, engineers, programmers and executives all over Greater Los Angeles who get sick, and would benefit greatly from being treated in their own homes so they can save time.

And speaking of busy executives, Dr. Farzam is also proud to provide urgent care within Encino and 24/7 care for residents living in that area as well. That means that very busy individuals in the valley won’t have to worry about slugging it out in traffic, only to arrive at a hospital that is crowded with tons of other sick patients.