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In-Home Doctor For Busy Parents

Parenting is one of the most rewarding, and yet challenging experiences of a person’s lifetime. Watching children grow from babies into adults is an absolutely mind-boggling experience, and it leaves most adults delighted with surprise, and charged with positive emotions. Unfortunately, parenting can also be incredibly draining. This is a fact that Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows first hand, as he has four children himself.

Dr. Farzam, who’s made it his mission to provide quality medical service to as many people as possible in the Greater Los Angeles area, including urgent care in Agoura Hills and its surrounding counties, knows about the difficulties of balancing childcare and work. And he knows that perhaps the hardest experience a parent can go through, aside from seeing their own child ill, is becoming ill themselves. This is because a parent’s illness diminishes their energy levels and ability to cope with stress, making parenting infinitely more difficult. As a result of this knowledge, Dr. Farzam has made it his goal to make sure as few parents as possible have to be burdened by going to the hospital when they’re sick. He does this by driving out to their homes, and spending whatever time is necessary to make sure they’re diagnosed and treated properly.

He also knows that his practice needs to have as wide of a range as possible, which is why he offers urgent care in North Hollywood so those residents can also experience the comfort of being treated in their own homes. And, along with aforementioned communities, Dr. Farzam now also offers urgent care in the Pacific Palisades for parents in that neighborhood who need a break when they’re sick as well.