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In Dr. Farzam You'll Find a 24 Hour Doctor you Can Trust

Michael Farzam, MD is a house, office and hotel physician who is dedicated to providing L.A. residents with the best in house call medicine of yesteryear, as well as the most cutting-edge modern medicine. That’s precisely what he brings to patients of House Call Doctor Los Angeles.

For those who appreciate the idea of a concierge doctor in Los Angeles, the appeal of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is readily apparent. In fact the benefits of in-home treatment include:

  • Same-day appointments for house, hotel and office calls
  • A wait time that is often less than an hour from the initial scheduling until the time the doctor reaches your location
  • Extended, unhurried appointments – without the need to sit in a stressful, cramped waiting room with patients who may be contagious
  • A 24 hour doctor who utilizes phone calls, texts and emails to provide up-to-date telemedicine

What’s perhaps most impressive about the work of Dr. Farzam is that even while he provides convenient, comfortable and efficient care, he still ensures that every patient can enjoy world-class medical treatment. Dr. Farzam and his team utilize state-of-the-art laboratory services and IV fluids, as well as X-rays, ultrasound for patients who are suffering from any number of health concerns. Further still, they provide prompt follow up for tests, reports and other results, and when necessary, referrals to emergency room and hospital coordination, or referrals to specialists. Simply put, no matter what your health needs may be, you can experience warm, friendly care from a proven medical team with House Call Doctor Los Angeles.