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House Calls for Los Angeles

For many residents of the Southern California area, it’s hard to imagine a top-notch doctor coming to their home to treat them. It’s almost a bit like having a dream come true. By having a doctor come to a patient’s house, he or she doesn’t have to deal with waiting rooms, other sick patients, and (probably best of all) Los Angeles traffic. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows about all of these bonuses, and has made it his mission to provide the best in-home care possible to as many people as possible, including urgent care within Hermosa Beach and 24/7 availability for those residents.

Dr. Farzam isn’t only interested in servicing Hermosa Beach however. He also wants to open up his serviceable radius to other parts of Southern California, including urgent care within Culver City and 24/7 care for those residents as well. Dr. Farzam is doing this because he knows how important time is for Southern California residents, and he doesn’t want to have them waste theirs stuck, sick, in traffic.

Dr. Farzam isn’t stopping with Hermosa Beach and Culver City though. He’s tasked himself with figuring out how to criss cross as much of Southern California as possible, as efficiently as possible. That’s why he now also includes urgent care within Agoura Hills and 24/7 in-home service for those residents. The bottom line: regardless of a resident’s location in Southern California, if he or she is in Dr. Farzam’s serviceable radius, he wants to help them get better, safely and comfortably.