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Home Visit Doctors Take the Cake

There isn’t one walk in clinic in Los Angeles that compares to the service and attention given by House Call Doctors Los Angeles- and the atmosphere surely doesn’t compete with that of your own home! Dr. Michael Farzam was attracted to his chosen career as a concierge doctor because it would allow him a more direct physician to patient relationship as well as more time he gets to spend with each patient. He also enjoys the fact the patient receives many more benefits as well, such as not having to put up with crowded clinics and small, germ filled waiting rooms.

With home visit doctors you will have urgent care brought to you if you are experiencing medical trauma, an acute medical problem or any other type of condition. We save you time from driving in traffic, or taking time off work or public transportation. Our Dr. Michael Farzam should be able to reach you within two hours of your phone call, depending on his appointments at that time.

You never know who is going to examine you at a medical clinic in Los Angeles. House Call Doctors Los Angeles on the other hand, always introduces our patients to one of the friendliest and well-educated doctors in the city, Dr. Farzam. Unlike the clinics, you will be able to establish a relationship with our doctor, and always feel comfortable giving him a call. Whether you need a phone or person-to-person doctor’s visit, he will answer with a smile and resolution.