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Emergency Care in Los Angeles is Not Always Life and Death

If you think you need emergency care in Los Angeles for an immediately life-threatening situation, please stop reading this and call 911. Most likely, however, you are not suffering from life-threatening injuries or sickness but are very concerned about a situation that’s either very painful or very worrisome. In those situations, House Call Doctor Los Angeles can help.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers many of the same medical services and treatments that clinics offer, without the wait or possible exposure to other ill patients. Dr. Michael Farzam provides excellent urgent care services to patients living in the Greater Los Angeles area. In most cases, he can arrive at nearly any location in less than an hour. The most frequent locations include homes, work spaces, hotels and even film sets and worksites.

Care services for non-life threatening emergencies can include treatment for nasty but not deadly lacerations, unpleasant digestive issues, animal bites, painful kidney stones, and many more. Virtually anything that might ordinarily call for a patient to visit an urgent care clinic can be treated by House Call Doctor Los Angeles. As mentioned before, the big advantage of house call doctors is that patients can avoid waiting in emergency rooms or clinics for what can sometimes be hours. This waiting period may be unduly stressful for patients already suffering from an illness. By the way, depending on your insurance, a visit with Dr. Farzam can be less expensive than a trip to the emergency room.

Of course, standard preventive care is also necessary. Patients can request physicals, pre-operation clearance, pregnancy tests and more. All in all, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a viable option for most patient needs. For more information, call us at the phone number above please visit the contact page.