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Doctor for the Patients

Dr. Michael Farzam is not only one of the most well-trained physicians in the Greater Los Angeles area, he’s also a family man. He has a wife and four children, and he understands that it’s crucial for family to take care of their loved ones. That’s why he’s dedicated himself and his business, House Call Doctor Los Angeles, to treating patients as people, not just an appointment in his schedule book and a number on an excel spreadsheet. He’s working on providing care for as much of Southern California as possible, including urgent care within Brentwood and 24/7 coverage for patients who need it.

Along with Brentwood, Dr. Farzam is also looking to branch out to the North. That means that he’ll be providing urgent care within Calabasas and 24/7 in-home care for those residents as well. Dr. Farzam knows that almost no resident of Southern California wants to leave his or her home for urgent care, and that’s why he’s made it his mission to go to the homes of as many sick patients as possible to treat them in the comfort of their own beds.

Dr. Farzam has learned to treat patients with care and excellent bedside manner because not only is he a family man, he’s also been a resident of Los Angeles for over three decades. This means that he understands the nuances of Los Angeles life, and all its stresses. And he knows that these stresses can become especially apparent for some in the valley, where he provides urgent care within Encino and 24/7 in-home care for those patients as well.