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Which COVID-19 Test Is Right for You?

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is now offering Coronavirus (COVID-19) In-Home nasal swab and IgM/IgG antibody testing. House Call Doctor Los Angeles currently offers several options for COVID-19 tests that identify if individuals are infected or may have been infected with the Coronavirus. Testing is an important part of health and safety, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get critical information. Call anytime to discuss testing options and schedule a house call visit!

Nasal Swab Test

The nasal swab test is performed to detect a current active COVID-19 viral infection. This standard viral PCR lab test determines if you are currently infected with COVID-19. The results are available within 72 hours.

Antibody Blood Test

Antibody tests can help reveal past exposure by detecting antibodies in the blood, which are produced in response to a specific infection like COVID-19. Antibody blood testing can be performed via rapid testing of IgM/IgG antibody with a finger prick blood test. While not yet been approved by the U.S. FDA, it is approved for point-of-care use by physicians. This is a quick prick blood test, similar to a diabetes blood sugar test, performed under the surveillance of a physician. A minuscule amount of blood will be taken from your finger and placed in the kit to compare it to a sample blood test. The results are available within 10 minutes.

Conventional IgG Antibody Testing

Conventional IgG antibody lab testing is also available through Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp, which involves a blood draw (1 vial of blood) that is sent to Quest or Labcorp laboratories for analysis and testing. The results are available within 48 hours.