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Concierge Medicine Los Angeles

concierge-medicineConcierge medicine Los Angeles with House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a throwback to when doctors used to make medical house calls instead of the patient coming to see the doctor in a cramped waiting room filled with sick people. With a concierge physician, patients can expect personalized, unhurried care that doesn’t need to be lost in the shuffle of multiple patients waiting to see the doctor. In fact, Founder and CEO of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, Board-Certified Dr. Michael Farzam, became a concierge doctor simply because he wanted to dedicate more time to his patients without needing to deal with the bureaucracy of insurance.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers 24/7 service to your home, hotel or worksite, and Dr. Farzam spends approximately 45 minutes with each patient, versus a family care doctor who often spends no more than 20 minutes with each patient. House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers personalized medical concierge care, and the visit includes a comprehensive medical history and exam, as well as a 24-hour follow up call/or appointment. What’s more, patients don’t have to worry about going to the pharmacy

What Does a Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles Do?

The concept of Concierge Medicine with Dr. Michael Farzam is that patient and concierge doctors have a direct relationship where there is no need to deal with the third party of the health insurance. As a concierge doctor in Los Angeles, most people can afford better health care at a realistic price that is often reimbursed by insurance, as well. This gives patients the time they need to be heard, and gives doctors the time they need to take care of patients.

The traditional way of doing things with primary healthcare means that doctors have to see more and more patients to meet their overhead, so they hurry through their patients to be able to meet that need. In fact, many patients are bothered that they see more of the doctor’s staff rather than the doctor himself. With concierge medicine, you won’t have to take the afternoon off work, make your boss unhappy, and potentially lose income because you are missing work. Instead, your doctor will come to you, and you can actually get to know each other the way Dr. Farzam believes that doctors should learn about their patient’s health and practice medicine in the way he believes is most effective.

Annual Fee Basis for Concierge Medicine in Los Angeles

What can you expect when you sign up for an annual membership with House Call Doctor Los Angeles? A model of medicine that makes sense: concierge medicine, which the doctor spends more time with you. Because there is a ceiling in the number of patients the doctor can see (typically 75% less than what the typical primary care doctor sees), he can devote more time to your needs. By paying a retainer fee, you can expect the following:

  • Executive annual physicals
  • Unlimited house calls
  • Urgent care in Los Angeles
  • Concierge nurses and nursing care
  • Acute illness care
  • Chronic illness monitoring
  • Trauma care
  • Routine follow-up
  • 24/7 access to the doctor through email, text and cell phone calls

As you can see, the difference between the regular primary care model and concierge medicine is clear cut: you can get more time from your doctor and not have to face the hassle of a packed waiting room with contagious peers. For a fee schedule or more information, contact us today at (310) 849-7991.