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Cedars Sinai Produces In-Home Doc

It’s no secret that Cedars Sinai is one of the finest hospitals in the nation. It is considered to be a hospital that produces cutting-edge research, and of course, top-notch medical professionals. One such professional, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, has decided to dedicate his career to healing the sick in the comfort of their own homes. He wants to cover as large of a swathe of the Greater Los Angeles area as possible, which is why he offers urgent care in Agoura Hills as well as numerous other surrounding neighborhoods.

Across town, folks can also find the Cedars Sinai alum cruising around in his car, making the long, traffic-filled trips so his patients don’t have to. He offers urgent care in Pacific Palisades and its neighboring counties as well. He knows that the more time he spends on the road, the less time his patients will have to. And the less time they spend on the road, the more time they can spend in bed getting better. Dr. Farzam also works in the valley, and residents there can take advantage of his offering of urgent care in Encino as well.

On top of Dr. Farzam’s UCLA medical degree and his residency at Cedars Sinai, not to mention his long experienced as a respected physicians, he also has experience as a family man with a wife and four children. While this may seem a bit off topic, it clearly isn’t once one realizes that by learning how to care for his family, Dr. Farzam has learned first-hand how hard it can be for busy parents to get away from home to see a doctor. Luckily, he wants to make sure they don’t have to deal with that headache.