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A Personal Doctor For The Busy Professional

Nobody has time to waste in Los Angeles, and those who are on-the-go need a doctor who is too. Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is happy to fill this role, and is excited to offer urgent care for Culver City and all of its busy residents. Dr. Farzam knows that business professionals have busy schedules, and the last thing they have time for is a hospital waiting room.


Sandra E. says that “[she] saw Dr. Farzam … for a terrible migraine. [She had] a 6 month old baby and a demanding job and could not find the time to see a physician.” Dr. Farzam came to her office, and was able to do an exam and write her a prescription without her ever having to interrupt her day with traffic or waiting rooms. Dr. Farzam wants to bring this level of personalized in-home and/or in-office care to as much of Greater Los Angeles as possible, which will also mean urgent care for Agoura Hills residents.


Emily A. says that “Dr. Farzam is a wonderful physician! [She] has a stressful corporate job and it’s very difficult to get out of [the] office at a reasonable hour.” This is exactly what Dr. Farzam is so good at; working around other people’s schedules so they get the care they deserve when they need it. Dr. Farzam has also decided to bring this type of urgent care to Brentwood residents, because he knows they’re just as busy as anybody else in Los Angeles.