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A Mobile Doctor For The Busy Parent

Los Angeles families are busy. Between soccer games, school recitals, and hectic work schedules, it’s near impossible to find time to see a doctor. As a resident of the Greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years and a father of four, Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows this predicament as well as anybody. This is part of the reason he offers his services for urgent care in Calabasas as well as many of its surrounding areas.


There are busy families all over the Greater Los Angeles area, which is why Dr. Farzam has taken it on as his personal mission to provide in-home and/or in-office care to as many residents as possible. This means that Dr. Farzam also intends to provide urgent care in North Hollywood because he knows that both sides of ‘the hill’ deserve the best personalized care available. Amy J. said that “Dr. Farzam came to [her] house when [she] had a terrible soar throat. It was difficult to make it out to see a doctor because [she has] two small children and a very busy household.” Amy provides just one of the many examples of parents relieved by Dr. Farzam’s personalized in-home care.


Dr. Farzam is also happy to bring his expertise and personalized touch for urgent care to Agoura Hills residents. Parents have too much to worry about to add hours in a waiting room with their children to their schedule. By using Dr. Farzam, and if they so choose, his special concierge service, parents are able to breathe easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about bringing their children into hospitals full of other sick, and possibly infectious patients.