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A House Call from a Doctor who Provides the Best Care

There are many benefits of living in Los Angeles – from beautiful sunny days to an endless supply of world-class recreation opportunities. However, when you’re not feeling 100% healthy, the city can lose a lot of its luster. After all, it’s hard enough to get around the L.A.’s busy and often congested freeways when you’re healthy. If you’re feeling ill, it can be a significant challenge – and even dangerous. That’s what makes the concept of physician house calls so ingenious.

At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Farzam set out to create one-of-a-kind practice in which his medical team provides impeccable care from the comfort of each patient’s own home. In fact, no matter Dr. Farzam will gladly visit his patients in almost any place they feel the most comfortable – be it their home, office or even a hotel room.

The benefits of treatment from House Call Doctor Los Angeles are vast and varied. Perhaps chief among them, though, is the prospect of never having to sit in a cramped waiting room surrounded by sick – and possibly even contagious – patients. Instead, you can stay safe and sound, and allow our hotel doctor in Los Angeles to come to you.

Dr. Farzam is a 24 hour doctor who remains available 365 days a year – including holidays. Even if you don’t have medical insurance, you’ll be amazed at how reasonably-priced the medical service provided by House Call Doctor Los Angeles can be. Don’t hesitate to embrace comfort and care from Dr. Farzam and his first-rate team.