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A Doctor Who Heals In-Home

One of the most comforting ideas imaginable when one sick is not having to leave your bed when you’ve come down with something. Leaving the bedroom, even to shower or eat in the kitchen, can seem (and feel) like a monumental task. Your sick body is already fighting off an infection or disease, and the last thing it wants to do is expend energy on moving around a big city. Dr. Michael Farzam is cognizant of this feeling, and with House Call Doctor Los Angeles, has made it his goal to provide the best in-home urgent care in Brentwood and most of the Greater Los Angeles area possible.

Perhaps the best part of Dr. Farzam’s practice is that he comes to your home, so you don’t have to worry about wasting precious energy on commuting to a doctor’s office, only to find that you need to spend twenty minutes in the waiting room surrounded by other sick people. Dr. Farzam wants to make this kind of treatment as universal as possible in Southern California. That’s why, along with Brentwood, he also offers urgent care in Calabasas so those residents can also experience the immense relief that only an in-home doctor can provide.

Dr. Farzam graduated from UCLA medical school and did his residency at Cedars Sinai, which is, needless to say, one of the best combinations of medical schools and residencies in the nation. This is the kind of expertise and caring service Dr. Farzam’s patients can expect. He’s also happy to provide urgent Care in Encino because he knows those residents shouldn’t be left out when it comes to reaping the benefits of in-home care.