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A Doctor Who Doesn’t Mind Traffic

If there’s one downside to Los Angeles that everybody agrees on, it’s the traffic. Nobody likes to sit in their car for hours on end, especially when they’re sick. Even the thought of being ill and getting behind the wheel can be enough to make one anxious. Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows this, and has dedicated himself to fighting traffic, so his patients don’t have to. Among many other areas, this will mean urgent care for North Hollywood residents, and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Cruising along the PCH in his BMW, Dr. Farzam loves to put in time on the road so his sick patients don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes. As a family man with a busy practice, Dr. Farzam knows how hard it is for business professionals with hectic schedules to fight traffic and waste time in waiting rooms. To remedy this problem, Dr. Farzam will do in-home or in-office visits for much of the Greater Los Angeles area, including urgent care for Pacific Palisades residents.


He’s not stopping there however. As a dedicated and thorough medical professional, Dr. Farzam wants to bring his special brand of personalized medicine to as many people as possible. This is why, on top of numerous other parts of the Greater Los Angeles area, he will also be providing urgent care for Hermosa Beach residents. After all, the weather gets colder around this time of year, and Dr. Farzam knows that on top of the traffic, this can be an added pain for a sick patient. That’s why he’s more than happy to take on the burden of travel, and visit his patients in the comfort of their homes.