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A Doctor Who Cares About Patients

The 21st century has brought a huge range of technological advancements and social changes. Many aspects of society are changing for the better, and allow people to stay more connected and supportive than ever. People can follow each other on social networking sites or text and exchange pictures, video and sound clips with more than a dozen popular applications. But what about medicine? While medical technology has doubtlessly accelerated like most other technologies, in many cases, doctors haven’t taken the time to evolve their people skills. Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles has taken notice of this fact, and now happily offers in-home urgent care in Encino as well as numerous other areas in Los Angeles to make sure patients receive the attention they deserve.

In fact, Dr. Farzam intends to provide in-home services to as many patients as possible, and thusly offers urgent care in Hermosa Beach as well as Encino. He knows that the last thing residents of Hermosa Beach want to bother with is driving to Santa Monica or Downtown Los Angeles just to visit a doctor when they’re sick, and he’s happy to make sure they don’t have to.

Dr. Farzam has also decided to provide the same urgent care in Culver City for its residents, for the same reason. He knows that, in an ideal world, sick people would never have to leave their homes; they’d have an experienced professional come to them with the medicines and the attention they need so they can focus on recovery. As a result of this desire, Dr. Farzam has dedicated his career to making sure as many people as possible experience his brand of thoughtful, caring, personalized care.