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A Doctor For Those Sick of Waiting Rooms

Many people can’t stand the idea of hours spent in a waiting room. Not only is it time wasted for busy professionals or people with family matters to deal with, but also an opportunity to possibly become even more ill. Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows personally how inconvenient, and possibly dangerous, a waiting room can be, which is why he provides top-tier in-home medical care to many residents of the Greater Los Angeles area. This will include urgent care for Pacific Palisades residents, as well as many of its surrounding neighborhoods.

As a family man (he is a husband and father of four) and highly trained professional (he graduated from UCLA medical school and did his residency at Sedars Sinai), Dr. Farzam knows that the last thing a busy L.A. resident wants is to risk getting sick while spending hours in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. This is why he’ll also be bringing urgent care to Hermosa Beach residents, many of whom don’t have the time to wait around for a doctor who doesn’t seem to really care about them.

Dr. Farzam’s goal of negating the waiting doesn’t stop with the aforementioned areas however. He’ll also be traveling to numerous other areas, including urgent care for Culver City residents. Dr. Farzam knows the more time he spends on the road, the less time his patients have to spend in waiting rooms. And, after all, what people need when they’re sick is not to sit around with other sick people; what they need is a doctor who will treat them face to face, with a personal touch.