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A Caring Doctor In Los Angeles

It can be difficult to remember simpler times in medicine. Times, decades ago, when doctors were expected to visit their patients in their own homes. By visiting a patient in his or her home, a doctor would allow a sick patient to conserve energy, and focus on healing their bodies. In the 21st century, this idea has changed drastically. Many doctors, while certainly qualified, and possessing the best intentions, don’t have the time or energy or level of caring required to visit patients one-on-one in their homes. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles has seen this trend away from personalized in-home care, and has made it his mission to provide caring medical service, including urgent care in Hermosa Beach as well as numerous other neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Aside from Hermosa Beach, Dr. Farzam also offers urgent care in Encino so those residents are able to experience the same convenience and attention that other Angelinos receive from his service. His wide coverage range is all part of his plan to provide the best possible medical care for as many Los Angeles residents as possible; this has been his career goal for decades now, and he’s come to deliver again and again.

Along with Hermosa Beach and Encino, Dr. Farzam also offers urgent care in North Hollywood for residents who don’t want to deal with the traffic involved with going ‘over the hill’ to see a good doctor. And speaking of traffic, perhaps the best bonus that comes with using Dr. Farzam, is the fact that when he comes to his patients, they don’t have to drive through traffic to get to him.