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A Busy Parents’ Doctor

For busy parents, there’s almost nothing harder than getting sick. Not only does it often times mean extreme physical discomfort, it also means they’re going to have significantly more trouble taking care of their children. With their energy already spread thin between sickness and the responsibilities of being a parent, nothing sounds worse to parental patients than sitting in traffic, then in a hospital waiting room. As a father of four, Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, knows this better than most, and he’s made it his mission to help sick parents in their own homes. And, he wants to cover as much of the Greater Los Angeles area as possible, including urgent care within Brentwood and 24/7 consultations and possible in-home care for its parent residents.

Along with urgent care for parents in Brentwood, Dr. Farzam also provides urgent care within North Hollywood and 24/7 phone analysis (and in-home care if possible) for sick parents in that neighborhood as well. This is, again, because Dr. Farzam knows about the challenges of being a parent so personally from having a busy family of his own.

And, because Dr. Farzam is eager to have the largest serviceable radius as possible, he also offers urgent care within the Pacific Palisades and 24/7 consultations for parents in that neighborhood as well. The parents in the Pacific Palisades are usually especially busy, and Dr. Farzam knows that if he can give them just a little relief (like dealing with the drive so they don’t have to), he knows they can make their lives immensely easier.