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24 Hour Urgent Care from House Call Doctor Los Angeles

House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides 24 hour urgent care every day of the week, allowing patients to skip the waiting rooms and focus solely on getting better. In the past, it was necessary to visit hospitals for tests like x-rays and EKGs or laboratory work. However, with advancements in modern medicine and miniaturization, many of these services are now available on the go via house call doctors like internist Dr. Michael Farzam.

Those who need urgent care in Los Angeles can often get far superior treatment as those visiting urgent care clinics. Dr. Michael Farzam is capable of treating a wide variety of ailments and conditions ranging from acute illnesses to kidney stones, minor lacerations to urinary tract infections, and earwax removal to seasonal allergies. The full list is very much in line with what one might expect from a clinic, without the hassle of actually having to attend the clinic. This allows patients to A) focus on getting better, B) avoid waiting rooms with other potentially sick people, and C) meet Dr. Farzam in a location of their choosing. As for the latter, patients can meet with Dr. Farzam in just about any location conducive to medical services, whether it be a home, hotel, workspace, or other appropriate location.

Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is available 24/7 and provides personalized care for all of his patients, both new and old. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Farzam, call the number at the top of this page or visit our contact page.