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Urgent Care Brentwood

If you need to see a doctor at night, chances are that the kind of 24 hour urgent care you're looking for isn't up to your standards. Even in this affluent community, urgent care Brentwood residents find is usually not up to their standards. That's because they have to wait while in discomfort or pain and at the same time, they are subjected to contagions and germs of other patients in the waiting room. With the services of Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, however, you can expect to be seen quickly and for unhurried appointments. In fact, Dr. Farzam often arrives to your Brentwood location in an hour or less and appointments typically last 45 minutes.

Urgent care Brentwood has to offer may not meet your expectations unless you employ the services of a mobile physician such as Dr. Michael Farzam. As the concierge physician Los Angeles looks to when they would rather stay in the comfort, privacy and security of their own home, Dr. Farzam is proud to offer his services. Dr. Farzam can treat virtually any ailment that would bring you to a 24 hour urgent care clinic, as well, whether you have a traumatic injury, acute illness or need management for a flare up of a chronic condition.

Urgent care Brentwood residents want is more than what is available at the clinic. If you're looking for something more satisfying than the typical clinic, contact Dr. Michael Farzam for your urgent care. Brentwood and surrounding locations are served with compassionate care, so call 310-849-7991 today!

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