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telemedicineTelemedicine Los Angeles

Imagine having high-tech telehealth services without having to leave home. That may lead you to ask the question “what is telemedicine?” Telemedicine involves the practice of a primary care physician monitoring your health without having to come to the doctor’s office, and there is no further disruption to your day. Think of it as a house call, or a hotel doctor, where you don’t have to worry about waiting for the doctor to arrive. Telemedicine Los Angeles from House Call Doctor Los Angeles involves a personalized healthcare experience with a board-certified internist physician who can treat you remotely with the help of a video chat service.

Telemedicine in Los Angeles helps extend Dr. Farzam’s skills and experience to patients who have issues that can be addressed by phone. In fact, telephone medicine started out as a way to give access to patients in small towns to the services that can be found from a concierge physician such as Dr. Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles can provide. As a matter of fact, more and more health insurance companies are offering reimbursement for telemedicine in Los Angeles, including Dr. Farzam’s consultations with patients.

What Services are Provided through Telecare in Los Angeles?

Telecare in Los Angeles is not a separate medical specialty; rather, it is a valuable resource patients can access when they need primary care where they have the mechanism to care for themselves. Here are some examples of ways telecare, or telemedicine, can treat you when you need it:

  • Primary care, with live interactive video.
  • Remote patient monitoring for specific vital signs, blood glucose or a variety of factors for homebound patients, which can supplement concierge nursing services.
  • Medical and health information for patients who need doctor or even peer-to-peer support for a variety of health conditions.
  • Medical education, or educational seminars for targeted groups with certain conditions.

Who Benefits from Telehealth Services in Los Angeles?

More and more patients need care, but can’t make it to the doctor. These patients who don’t have health insurance and need to take time off work or public transportation to get to their primary care physician, losing out on time and their wages, not to mention losing out on time that could be spent working or being with their family. Blocking out an entire day to devote to going to the doctor’s office for a relatively simple condition that could be addressed through telemedicine is the primary purpose of telehealth offered by House Call Doctor Los Angeles.

Telehealth is a way to bring the expertise of a board-certified expert to the non-expert. For instance, a patient may take a variety of pictures of a skin problem and sent it to their physician to render an expert opinion and give advice for which specialist to seek out for the problem. Another example is if the patient is having a flare up of their chronic condition and wants advice of what to do to manage the problem and get back to feeling normal. Of course, if the problem is dire and the patient needs urgent urgent care in Los Angeles, they should always dial 911 in case of emergencies.

The main benefits of telemedicine are the improved access to doctors, cost efficiency, improved quality and patient demand being met more easily. Dr. Farzam provides these services for Los Angeles patients seeking telehealth services, and at a rate that is affordable and lower cost than what many patients may face even with health insurance. To learn more or to get a fee schedule, please call us at (310) 849-7991.

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