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Hotel Doctor Los Angeles


When you’re sick away from home, life can feel miserable. House Call Doctor Los Angeles realizes this problem, and has the best strategy for getting the health care you need for problems that may arise while you’re on a business trip or vacation in Los Angeles: hotel doctors. If you are feeling unwell anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can rely on Dr. Farzam, a top-tier hotel doctor, to come to you and provide skilled medical care.

Dr. Farzam provides care to both children and adults, with the very best of in-room medical attention. As a board-certified physician, Dr. Farzam is able to dispense medication on site, and provide patrons with same day visits, and usually he is able to come to your location in one hour or less within contacting his offices. Being on call 24/7, Dr. Farzam delivers medical care to you for all types of medical problems, from migraines to flare ups of chronic conditions or minor lacerations.


Safe and Convenient Medical Care

 Any time you're away from home, there is plenty to think about, so it can be particularly disconcerting if a medical issue arises. Navigating L.A.'s busy freeways is a challenge even for Southern California natives, so you certainly don't want to risk traveling while feeling less than fully healthy. Instead, a physician or specialist from, House Call Doctor Los Angeles come to you.

The perks to seeing a hotel doctor are clear: you won’t have to venture out into an unfamiliar city to find the various health clinics in Los Angeles for healthcare which entails longer wait times, susceptibility to contagious illnesses and having to venture out to the pharmacy. Further still, with a hotel physician, you don’t have to go out for medications or wait until the pharmacy opens, as Dr. Farzam dispenses medications on site.


Experience the Difference of Personalized Care

 House Call Doctor Los Angeles has streamlined the medical experience, but that's far fromt he only benefit of our service. Dr. Farzam is committed to providing the type of personalized care that was common decades ago. He doesn't want patients to feel rushed, but to instead enjoy the benefits of friendly, personalized medical care. For patients who are visiting Los Angeles and far from home, this personal touch can go a long way toward providing peace-of-mind.

If you're concerned about undergoing treatment from Dr. Farzam because you're continuously on the go - not to worry. We provide telehealth services through phone, and online communication for patients who find an in-house appointment inconvenient. Simply put, we want to make sure your health care experience is streamlined to fit your specific medical needs.


Contact our Expert Team

To learn more about the top house call doctor in Los Angeles, call the doctor at (310) 849-7991 today. We can offer a fee schedule as well as further information on our hotel physician’s specialties, and we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don't hesitate to schedule your appointment with our dedicateed medical team.

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